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In a parallel universe where the Hakurai Barrier was never created, Youkai and Humans live together.
Gensokyou became a big city, and as such, living in the city isn't always easy... Especially if you are queer in mid-2000 Japan...

In this visual novel, you follow Fujiwara no Mokou. Mokou goes out to have a drink with Reisen U. Inaba. Reisen suspects that Mokou has some ulterior motive, since they aren't exactly friends, but decides to go along with Mokou's little spiel and figure out what has gotten into her.
You, as the player, control what the two talk about. Mokou isn't too eager to talk about some things and will drink when she is uncomfortable.
Loosen her up a bit and get to the bottom of what she is hiding.

Special Thanks to:

Kat for giving us moral and audio editing support.
Akiko's girlfriend for being so supportive.
ZUN for creating such a great franchise
The Touhou GameDev Hub for bringing us together in this jam and making all this possible in the first place

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsFUJIWARA NO AKIKO, pixitales, Shin, Iced_Lemon, Gani
GenreVisual Novel
TagsLGBT, Touhou, Unity

Install instructions

Just Download, Unzip and start the executable.


Jam Build 58 MB
Up-to-date Build


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I know this is an old jam and I came from the future but I was giggling like an idiot the whole time cuz KeiMokou is my absolute OTP and this all was so cute.

Thank you wingman, Reisen!

I really can't unzip this game, 7-zip says "this file cant be opened as an archive"

It was zipped with WinRAR, so you might want to use that.

This really made me FEEL like I lived in a society.

World building was very cool and I was into it the whole way through

I enjoyed this more than most paid VNs.


Was fun working with you all <3

Amazing game, the story was very entertraining, visuals were perfect and so was the music, also the ending was very wholesome. 9/10